Inside Our Very First Photoshoot!

Inside Our Very First Photoshoot!

It's been 7 months since the launch of SKIVVI and it's fun to reminisce about our very first photoshoot. Before launching, it was essential that we had professional and beautiful photos to add to the website and use in marketing material. So I sought out to put together a dreamy, elegant shoot that captured the core message of the brand in every shot, luxurious comfort. Here's how I did it!

Quick disclosure, I managed to put this photoshoot together for just $200! As a new entrepreneur with VERY limited financial resources, I had to get creative in order to produce beautiful photos on a very tight budget. 

1. Choose a Theme:

First things first, I had to get clear on my vision! I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest to gain inspiration for the kind of photoshoot I wanted to create. Right now, the "that girl" aesthetic is trending, so I wanted to bring that minimal, elegant look to the pictures. I created a story board with hundreds of ideas for poses, flat lays, and even behind-the-scenes content ideas. This helped me SO much on the day of the shoot, because I was able to refer back to my mood board for ideas on the spot.

2. Find a Location

Next, I had to find a location. To be honest, this was the trickiest part of it all, because most of my ideas for the shoot took place in a home or bedroom setting. So a traditional photo studio simply wasn't going to cut it. Thankfully, living in NYC allowed me more unique options, like people's apartments!

That said, I used the PeerSpace app to locate the perfect spot for the shoot. This is an app where you can rent studios and spaces by the hour! My mouth literally dropped when I scrolled past an all-white, naturally lit, minimalistic apartment with a bed, couch, plants, and mirrors everywhere. It was the perfect setting to reinforce that I was shooting for a comfy, sexy lingerie brand. It was romantic, yet subtle enough to keep the emphasis on the product. I was in love!

3. Find Models

After finding the perfect space, I needed to find models! I saved money by collaborating with some friends who attended my college and were willing to help me out for the shoot. My tip for finding models would be to work with friends and other creatives who are also building portfolios. I simply didn't have the budget for professional models, so I am incredibly grateful for the girls who were willing to help me make this first photoshoot a success! Shoutout to Olivia, Brianna, Kaya, and Sophie💖

I made sure to inform them of the hair and makeup looks and any accessories or items I needed them to bring with the day of!

*Click here for a behind-the-scenes TikTok that one of the models posted*

I put out a story to see who would be interested:

4. Finding a Photographer

Finding a photographer was easy for me. I have a professional camera, and while I certainly am NOT a professional photographer, I am good enough to take produce good photos. However, in following photoshoots, I worked with student photographers who were building their portfolios, so it was a win-win for both parties! That said, if you can't take the photos yourself, reach out to friends and family to get someone to take them for you, or even to just borrow a camera!

5. The Day Before the Shoot

The day leading up to the shoot was all about preparation! I needed to find the right props, decide on who would wear what, and come up with a plan to make the most of the two hours we would be in the space. 

Based on my mood board on Pinterest, I needed a few things:

  • Flowers
  • Wine Glasses/Tea Cups
  • Newspapers
  • White Button Down

I went to my local thrift store and headed straight for the home section, and was able to score the perfect glassware for 50 cents a piece. Next, I hit the local deli for some white daisies and newspapers. And finally, I shopped my own closet for a couple of layering options.

Coming up with the looks was next! I made a word doc with photos of each of my models and the lingerie set that they would wear. I launched with four sets and, thankfully, had four models, so it worked out seamlessly! 

6. The Day of the Shoot

The day of the shoot finally came and I was ready! I made sure to send everyone a confirmation text, including the owner of the photo space. After packing everything up, my boyfriend and I headed to the location. We were able to get into the space 20 minutes early, giving me time to unpack and get a better idea of how I would work with the furniture and props. 

When my models arrived, everyone got changed and we were ready to start! Tip for shooting with non-professional models: play fun, upbeat music and take a stress-free approach. Quickly, my models got super comfortable and we began to make some magic!

In just two hours of shooting, we got thousands of shots to use for the launch!


7. Selecting the Photos

The night after the shoot I went through all of the photos and favorited the best of the best. I began to envision which would be the best for the website, for our instagram feed, etc. After lightly brushing up and finalizing the photos, I was ready to launch my business.

Here are just a few of my favorites that we captured:


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