About Us

SKIVVI was founded by fashion student and enthusiast, Dia Gauthier. At an early age, Dia fell in love with the industry and realized her love for intimate apparel. She recognized the beautiful impact that lingerie could have on a woman, however, she saw many flaws within the market.

When shopping for underwear, Dia struggled to find something that fulfilled her needs aesthetically but was equally comfortable. Everything was either intolerably uncomfortable or simply didn't fit right. That said, Dia sought out to develop a brand specializing in comfy bra and underwear sets that made women feel equally sexy. And that's how SKIVVI was born.

SKIVVI is committed to creating pieces that fit and flatter seamlessly and instill confidence. We believe women shouldn't have to choose between style and comfort, so we've made it simple by providing both throughout our designs. SKIVVI is thrilled to be here as a new business and we are eager to further our mission towards creating an industry that celebrates women altogether!