The Temptation Set: Why Lace is NOT Scary, Styling Ideas, & Product Highlights

The Temptation Set: Why Lace is NOT Scary, Styling Ideas, & Product Highlights

Since launching SKIVVI, the Temptation Set continues to be the best-seller, and I think we all know why. Semi-sheer stretch lace, thick and stretchy embroidered elastic bands, adjustable straps, comfortable, sexy...seriously, what more could you want?

When designing this set, I of course needed to achieve comfortability and sex-appeal. But specifically, I had two goals in mind:

1. Make lace something women actually want to wear

2. Make a set that's sexy enough to wear for a special occasion (wink wink, Valentine's Day is coming up), but practical enough to wear over and over again.

Before SKIVVI was born, the idea of wearing lace lingerie seemed completely taboo; I felt like I just didn't fit the profile. Do I love a red lace bodysuit moment? Um duh. But I sure wasn't pulling that out of my underwear drawer on a daily basis, nor could I afford most lingerie on the market. The entire idea of it seemed occasion-driven, not for everyday use. Not to mention lace as a material was completely hit or miss, where it either looked super cheap or it was so beautiful that it cost hundreds of dollars. Me, only 19 years old now, would still say no to both options.

However, when I received the final prototype of the Temptation Set from our manufacturer, I thought that this was the start of a new type of underwear, the kind that is multi-functional. Rather than buying a piece or set to only wear once, this set was designed to be simple enough for day-to-day use but equally special to be worn for those romantic evenings with your partner. I hand-picked the perfect lace that would stretch and move with you and added our infamous embroidered elastic to hug the body and stay in place. I also added adjustable straps to the bralette and lining in the underwear, both of which I had trouble finding in lingerie prior to SKIVVI's launch. Let's just say, I am particularly proud of the Temptation Set. I finally felt open to the idea of wearing lace underwear and felt like this set opened up other women's minds once they tried it, too.

Here are a couple comments some customers had about the Temptation Set:

"I'm literally obsessed with this bralette. This is the first lace bralette in a really long time that I've worn with any regularity and actually been comfortable in" -Nicole

"For once I feel like lace is ACTUALLY comfortable. If someone told me last year that I'd be wearing a lace set 24/7, I'd say they're crazy, but the Temptation Set has completely changed my mind!" - Ashlee

So you probably get the point now....the Temptation Set rocks and lace is actually wearable if done the right way.

Styling Ideas for The Temptation Set

As the icing on the cake, I'm adding in some styling options for your Temptation Set just to show how multifaceted it truly is. The first look book shows how I'd style my set for everyday, and the following includes some more scandalous options.

Everyday Outfit Ideas:

Sexier Looks:

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